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Marketing Site Refresh

Remind has and will always be a tool developed for Teachers, though as we began to set our sights on revenue we developed a premium plan for Schools and Districts to be sold to Administrators. This plan made it easy for entire organizations to get set up on Remind, and it equipped Administrators with controls and insight. With this shift in our business model we now were looking at Administrators as a primary audience along with Teachers, Students, and Parents.

I worked closely with our Marketing team to redefined our Brand and I led the Creative Direction of a new branded design system and Marketing site redesign. 


Lead Product Designer


1 Product Designer 

1 Communications Designer

VP of Marketing

VP of Product

1 Content Manager

2 Researchers



Understanding Administrators

To ensure that our brand spoke to Administrators and higher Education, we needed to redefine our brand attributes.

Working closely with research and marketing, we began talking to Administrators to get a better understanding of this group and their needs. 

We visited schools and interviewed Administrators. As a designer, my role was to record sessions and take notes during the sessions. After each session we would come together and synthesize our observations.


Redefining our Brand

Working closely with our VP of Marketing and our Content Manager, we came up with a new brand persona and a list of themes that would inform our designs such as More contrast is more confident, and Gender neutral is more inclusive. 


We aspired to make Remind more professional and we determined that we could do so by presenting information in a simple way that's straightforward, approachable, and relatable.


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Creative Direction

Now that I understood of our new audience persona, I was able to work on crafting a new look and feel. In this early phase, I went really wide with explorations, focusing on providing variety and quantity of designs. This allowed me to get early signal from stakeholders on which directions to move into, as they were able to pick and elements and themes from each design that they thought would work speak to Administrators as well as Teachers, Students, and Parents. 

creative 1.png
creative 2.png
creative 3.png

Defining a System

Once we established a direction, I worked really closely with our Communications designer to flesh out a system in the new brand. At this same time, I was doing a UX overhaul of our Marketing site.

Using our new brand attributes as a guide, I developed a new more electric color palette, typographical system, and graphic elements such as highlighters, Marble notebooks, and other patterns found in education. This shift in vibrance and contrast was an effort to make Remind feel more professional and confident.

Addition of a Serif Font to invoke a more professional feeling within the product.  Also for visual interest and additional hierachy. 

A graphic system to showcase the many patterns and textures found in schools.

Look & Feel.png

More vibrant color palette to invoke confidence and accessibility.

More vibrant color palette to invoke confidence and accessibility.

Final Designs

Using the marketing site to establish a new brand direction, I moved on to lead a redesign of the mobile and desktop products set to go live in 2019.

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